Monday, August 04, 2008


Well it finally happened.......I was admonished by a reader who inquired as to why I didn't post an update this weekend - hey, it's The Soundtrack Of My Life, not yours - or is it? Anyways, it was 1990, Summer, I know that because I was grilling the most gorgeous sirloin steak on the grill outside my apartment; remember when you could buy a sirloin with the bone? My thoughts then still hold true today, even after all the releases that Marienthal has recorded; Crossroads still is the strongest release he has ever put out. I think it's the combination of Patitucci, both as a producer and composer along with Russell Ferrante's contributions both writing and playing. I know that I probably sound like some 'broken record' by now, but the releases that GRP was putting out at this time, rival anything CTI or A&M Horizon released in their heyday. Yeah I may be a bit nostalgic, but that's only because the major labels are putting out crap, and expecting us to pay $18 a whack for it!
Listen to: 'Spoons', 'Schmooze' and 'On The Eve Of Tomorrow'

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