Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bobby M another local treasure

So, as I've already mentioned, 1980 was a big year for me, tried it, became addicted, constantly looking for a fix - nothing cures the jones like a new release or a new find. I came across this album, not at school, but back at home in a local record store. It was locally produced and recorded, at the same studios that Spyro Gyra had used for their first album- so why not, I had $6 burning a hole in my pocket, besides, I needed the fix. Fadale - Festive Dancer, is without a doubt one of my all-time sentimental favorites; I can't even begin to count the number of times I listened to this album during my sophomore year of college, in the ratty shit-hole of an apartment I lived in, overlooking Walnut Park. I had been familiar with Bobby Militello, and his group RPM, along with guitarist Paul Viapiano. I was also aware of the Fadale brothers, Dick, Paul and Rick, who also performed on the vibrant local scene in Buffalo. In my opinion, this album is all about Militello and his strong, melodic flute work. One particular memory I have when listening to this music, is of my parents; they had brought me back to school, my mother was in my small apartment kitchen, cooking something, and my father, who, after he got back home, would have to go work the late shift on his job, was sprawled on the mattress that served as my bed, listening to this record, as I played it for him. There were a lot of good memories that year, I miss that apartment, and I really miss my Dad.
By 1981, I had changed schools, but not habits. I had read in the local arts paper that Bobby Militello and his band, RPM were going to release a record. Well, that record finally came out in 1982, but it really wasn't what I was expecting. Instead of featuring Militello's fusion band at that time, it was a fairly over produced affair, directed by Rick James, along with Lenny White and Bernard Wright. But, over the years, as I listen to this record, it's kind of worn on me, and it's actually pretty good. 'Redliner' definitely captures what RPM was all about; it would be nice to see Militello, after all these years, finally go back and revisit this music. Listen to 'Festive Dancer' by Fadale and Bobby Militello's 'Redliner'.

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