Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funkin' For GRP

Tom Browne was the second artist, after Dave Grusin's Mountain Dance that I purchased on the GRP label. All summer long, between my freshman and sophomore year of college I heard 'Funkin' For Jamaica' on the radio. But it wasn't Browne's Love Approach album I first purchased, instead I picked up Browne Sugar; I soon found out what that GRP sound was all about. Browne's playing was strong the songs were funky, although not as funky as they would eventually get on his Magic release of 1991. Over the years, I've had these albums on vinyl, cassettes which I traded with classmates, and eventually CD. Personally, I think these four albums along with Tom Browne, himself, define what GRP was all about and eventually would become; until Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen left the company they founded in the mid to late nineties. It was from these Tom Browne recordings, that I was first introduced to Marcus Miller, Bobby Broom, Bernard Wright, and eventually Dave Valentin, along with a host of other incredible contemporary jazz artists. Over the course of this blog, I'll be referencing many classic GRP recordings, a company, that in my opinion defined what contemporary jazz is all about. Listen to 'I Never Was A Cowboy' from Browne Sugar, 'Dreams Of Lovin' You' from Love Approach, 'Night Wind' from Magic and 'Charisma' from Yours Truly.

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