Sunday, January 06, 2008

My First Exposure To Japan

It was in October of 1980, that a friend of mine, turned me onto Sadao Watanabe and Terumasa Hino. Specifically, Sadao's double live album, How's Everything, on Columbia and Hino's City Connection, which was released on the Inner City label. How's Everything blew mw away; Sadao's Sax and that flute, I loved it! I was just getting familiar with Dave Grusin, who was the keyboard player, and I had also started to notice Eric Gale's name popping up on many of the albums I was purchasing. This was the start of my appreciation for all things Sadao, and over the years, I've probably picked up everything he's released, and replaced most of my vinyl for cd's, where I've been able to find them.

Terumasa Hino's City Connection is by far my most favorite of his recordings that I've purchased; with the exception of City Collection and Daydream, he's mostly followed a more straight ahead, post-bop recording career. 'Hino's Reggae', 'Send Me Your Feelings' and 'Samba De-La Cruz' bring back many memories, and are just great contemporary jazz, that have held up well over the years. Listen to Sadao's 'Sundance' and Terumasa's 'Hino's Reggae'.

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