Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jam Up

It was........2 nights ago; we found ourselves in a really cool performing arts center, located in Homer, NY; it was hot and humid, the perfect setting for a sold out performance (400 fans) of Spyro Gyra. Used to be I'd catch Spyro Gyra on a regular basis, but I think I've only seen them twice since 1992; once in '92 for their Three Wishes tour in Raleigh, NC and then in 1996 or 1997 (I think) when they opened for Basia in Buffalo, NY. For some reason, our paths have not crossed, until this year, when I get to see them twice! They smoked, as usual the other night, drummer Bonny B brings a whole new dynamic to the band, I'm excited to see how this plays out in future projects. Jay and the guys mixed the old with the new, as usual, but the arrangement of Shaker Song, was probably the best I've ever heard, with Julio Fernandez and Bonny B providing background vocals! The venue was awesome, a converted church, semi-circular seating for 400 patrons. Another highlight was their performance of Heliopolis, one of my all-time favorite compositions, maybe I'm getting old, but I don't ever remember being at one of their performances, and there's been many, when they performed this gem. I'm looking forward to July 27th!
Listen to 'Jam Up' and 'Heliopolis'

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