Saturday, May 03, 2008

Arrived 'Full Circle'

It was 2001, not really Fall yet, more like Indian Summer, it was early evening, I was waiting for my dinner date to arrive, the night air blowing through the window was cool. I had Alexander Zonjic's Reach For The Sky in the CD player, when the Bob James composition 'Angela' came on; it struck me - after 21 years, I had come 'full circle'. I was back in the same town where The Soundtrack Of My Life had begun, listening to a song, that I had first listened to (on All Around Town), in another small apartment 21 years earlier - wow, that's some powerful shit. Whoever doesn't believe that everything happens for a reason, has no clue what life, passion and desire are all about.
Listen to 'Angela' and 'Bellavia'

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