Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Sound of Romance

She was young, so was I; she was beautiful and had an incredible shape. She worked in a store at the mall, and every time I went to visit her, this incredibly sexy song would be playing in the store, or so it seemed. It was 1981, there was no internet, no Smooth Jazz radio, trying to find this song that I kept hearing was a real mystery, a true treasure hunt. Once I discovered Michael Franks, his voice and music became the de facto soundtrack for the bedroom, for many years and relationships to come; I made cassettes, bought cassettes and cd's and delivered them as gifts - all with the express purpose that 'we' would be sharing in the music. I don't really listen to Michael Franks all that much anymore, not that he's not a part of The Soundtrack Of My Life, quite the opposite; I just sort of burned out on the memories, the emotions and feelings are too strong. While he's still a part of The Soundtrack, I doubt his music will ever be part of the bedroom again, at least it hasn't been in over 7 years, and I'm good with that. But every now and then, I think back to that clothing store, looking at her, with Down In Brazil playing in the background.

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