Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Super Find

Whenever I'd get to NYC, I'd head straight to Tower Records on Broadway in lower Manhattan; back when people actually bought LP's and CD's, you remember - before the major recording companies turned their back on Jazz and any other creative output. In any event, Jorge Dalto's two LP's from Japan, Rendezvous and New York Nightline were the type of treasure I was after when I could get to Tower and spend hours fingering through the bins. The excitement I felt when I found these two records, with Jay Beckenstein, Tom Browne, Dave Valentin, George Benson and David Sanborn on hand, along with numerous other Superfriends, is rarely replicated today - not because there aren't great artists, but mainly because there aren't too many chances being taken in the recording industry today. These two records fell out of The Soundtrack Of My Life for awhile, until they were re-released last year on CD.
Listen to 'You're Like An Angel', 'Winds Of Love', 'My Latin Brother' and 'Pina Colada'

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