Monday, May 05, 2008


I was a fan of Kevin Eubanks ever since I picked up his first release, Guitarist, on Elektra-Musician, but of all his releases to date, the one that has had the greatest effect upon The Soundtrack Of My Life is Shadow Prophets. In 1988, I played this CD constantly, in fact, in the Summer of '88, I used the disc to profile a new set of high-end speakers, which I eventually purchased along with the requisite audiophile gear to power them. Over the years I've read bits of interviews from Eubanks, who said he wasn't that proud of his GRP output - I don't know, looking back and listening, those GRP albums hold up well, and the material is everything that in my opinion, contemporary jazz ought to be; he certainly wasn't playing anything 'smooth'! I had a chance to catch Eubanks in 1989, soon after the release of The Searcher, which I've always felt was just as strong as Shadow Prophets. He was performing at the Tralfamadore Cafe, and his group was smokin'; Gene Jackson on drums, Rael Wesley Grant on bass, who was just as amazing to watch as Kevin was live, the keyboard player's name escapes me - funny thing was, they never played any selections from The Searcher?! Years later, I caught Eubanks in 2004 performing with Billy Pierce, Smitty Smith and the great Charnett Moffett; his intensity was incredible. From 1989 to 2004, full circle, The Soundtrack Of My Life.
Listen to 'Mice Mobsters' and 'Shadow Prophets' from Shadow Prophets, 'The Story Teller' and 'Cookin'' from The Searcher and 'Spider Monkeys' from Live.

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