Saturday, July 05, 2008

Did I Miss Lesson #1?

OK, so maybe was I was working too hard and I was out of the loop! I can rationalize, at least to myself, for not knowing about Soulive, but how could I have missed Karl Denson - out on the same label no less? Again, It was early spring 2001, it was obvious to me, that I was all work and no play..........I would soon rectify that! I truly had no idea who Denson was, all I knew was that the monkey was rearing it's head and it needed to be fed, The Soundtrack Lived! Sometimes, when we least expect it, someone or something enters our lives.....for the better; leaving the drama aside, if I were to consider the last 7 1/2 years as a whole, as the latest chapter in The Soundtrack Of My Life, then Dance Lesson #2 is the door that I walked through, on my way there. For me, it's a seminal recording, one which helped me understand a whole new generation of up and coming young artists; just an absolute killer CD.
Listen to 'Flute Down', 'A Shorter Path #2', 'I Want The Funk' and 'Who Are You?'

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