Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Glory Days Of GRP

Remember how great of a label GRP was? The music, the artists, the level of production, the art work, the overall look and sound? Remember what it was like before the internet; when information wasn't instantaneous, when you didn't necessarily know what new releases where to come your way? About the only advance notice we got about upcoming releases were those incredible GRP ads. I thought that I'd start going through my back issue jazz magazines and scan some of the ads of releases that I've already talked about or plan to very shortly. This ad is from a September 1988 publication; I've already written about Kevin Eubanks' 'Shadow Prophets' and Special EFX's 'Double Feature', Chick Corea, David Benoit and Dave & Don Grusin will be coming. I guess that it would be asking too much for the HUGE conglomerates who now control the record business to put that sort of commitment and passion back into Jazz that GRP showed in the late eighties and early nineties - but I guess that's what dreams are all about!

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