Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sound Of Summer

It was the Summer of 1993, my son had just been born in June, I was on top of the world - any problem or concern that I may have had melted away, at least for a few months. I remember strapping him into the car seat in the back of the J30, my wife and I deciding to take a ride (he always fell asleep in the car), maybe stop for a bite to eat; of course, I had an ulterior motive - the habit still needed to be fed! We stopped by my favorite record store that gorgeous sunny afternoon, I had a few minutes to run in and find my fix - The Soundtrack Of My Life doesn't wait for anyone, as my son has learned over the last 15 years! I picked up two CD's that day, one of which will remain a mystery until a later time; Paul Hardcastle's first release under The Jazzmasters moniker was an instant Smooth Jazz classic - sensuous sax and flute, breezy vocals and a beat that made you want to move. I can't put this disc on without thinking back to that sunny, warm relaxing day - things would certainly change quickly for me, but for awhile at least, I had no worries.
Listen to 'Northern Lights' and 'Lost Summer'

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