Sunday, July 06, 2008

Flying (low) Over The Horizon

It was 1984, Fall, I was on a road-trip to watch a college football game, Syracuse vs Nebraska at the Dome. Earlier that year in the Spring, I had bought myself a Saab 900 Turbo for my 23rd birthday; it was a beauty, black with red interior, 5-speed stick, sunroof - everything, including a top of the line radar detector (mistake!) - not bad for being 1 year removed from college; I was feeling pretty good about myself that sunny Fall day - too good. As I made the 150 mile trip in a little over an hour an a half (!!), I had Azymuth pumping through the stereo (remember cassettes?) - Jazz Carnival, all that crazy rhythm, the organ and synths, the electronic percussion; there's a reason these 3 incredible musicians from Brazil call their music Crazy Samba - because it made me crazy that day - doing 110 mph down the Thruway! Unfortunately I wasn't able to use the music as an excuse when the Troopers pulled me over, 5 miles before my exit; at least they got me as I was slowing down - 95 in a 55, needless to say, my spirits weren't quite as high the rest of the day! As far as the game, I have no recollection, my only memory is of The Soundtrack Of My Life!
Listen to 'Jazz Carnival', 'Partido Alto', and 'Fly Over The Horizon'

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