Saturday, July 05, 2008


Because of the likes of Soulive and Karl Denson, and because I felt 'free' and 'home' again, willing to break out of 'my box', I found myself on a very hot Saturday afternoon in August of 2001, barreling down the Thruway, looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend at my new/old hometown. I had a party to attend later that day, and was excited about meeting new people, making new acquaintances. As I drove, with the windows open in the heat, I was listening to Schleigho - Live At Ho-Down 2000; this girl that I knew, who was considerably younger than I, had recommended that I give them a listen - I'm glad I did. I heard influences of Weather Report, Miles, and a whole host of other great Jazz musicians. 2001 was certainly shaping up to be a great year for The Soundtrack Of My Life.
Listen to 'Go Children Slow'

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