Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cut-Out Magic

It had to be 1981, I was at the mall doing what I did best - rummaging through the bins at the record store, Cavages to be exact, a long gone local music emporium. I came across Tom Scott's 1978 release Intimate Strangers - it was in the cut-out bin, I can't remember what I paid, but it was probably no more than $4 or $5. I remember what really attracted me to the Lp and Scott in particular, was his playing of the Lyricon; over the last 20 years or so, many saxophonist who want to play a wind synthesizer have either gone the route of the Yamaha Wind-Synth or the Akai EWI, but in my opinion, neither sounds as good as the Lyricon (check out any early Tom Scott or Richard Elliot for yourself). I loved this album, and it was in heavy rotation for years on The Soundtrack Of My Life, I was able to finally track down a Japanese copy of the CD a few years ago. The whole first side of the Lp was a suite, a sort of Love Story in music - how I wish I were a musician!
Listen to 'Intimate Strangers Suite Part 2' ('Getaway Day' & 'Night Creatures'), 'Breezin' Easy' and 'Puttin' The Bite On You'

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