Friday, September 19, 2008

My Crazy Uncle

Oh how I searched for this one! I first became acquainted with Uncle Festive in 1987; I liked what I heard, but it honestly took me awhile to understand what I was listening to. I must have read a review about their Say Uncle release, because I was on a mission to track it down for a good 2 years - hey, this was pre-internet - no online ordering or downloading! I've lost track of these guys,  don't know what's happened to them after all these years, although I still see the names popping up here and there. 1987 was when I first went digital, so these guys have been a part of The Soundtrack Of My Life from the early years!
Listen to 'Say Uncle' and 'N'Gaoundere'

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blowup! said...

i'm sorry to see this great record hasn't gotten any comments yet.
nonetheless, i appreciate it and have fond memories of uncle festive as well as cabo frio, fattburger, perri, and so many others that have a home here at your great blog!