Monday, September 01, 2008

Diamond In The Rough

There used to be a time, when it was all about the hunt; walking into the record store, picking through the Jazz bins, hunting for something I either didn't have or didn't know about. The internet has been invaluable to me; the ability to search down long out of print or hard to find recordings - but unfortunately, it's also taken the mystery out of the hunt, I'm no longer surprised as much as I used to be when I come across a recording that I don't know about. One incredible surprise happened in 1989, in a mall record store, with a paltry Jazz section; I came across a Herbie Mann release, Jasil Brazz, which was being sold for $3?? I'm thinking, what's wrong with this picture? I knew nothing about the release, but hey, for $3 how can I go wrong! Jasil Brazz is a diamond in the rough, an outstanding recording of lesser known tunes by some of Brazil's most well known contemporary composers. Ah, The Soundtrack Of My Life, these are the moments I've lived for!
Listen to 'Guarde Nos Olhos' and 'Esquinas'

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