Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mark Whitfield

Sometimes, a new artists or recording just comes out of nowhere and takes your breath away; in 1990, Warner Bros. released Mark Whitfield's debut, The Marksman; going back through Whitfield's recorded output over the last 18 years, The Marksman truly took my breath away in 1990 and still does today. An incredible debut recording, that still holds up after all these years and after all the attempts by various producers to place Whitfield in surroundings which really didn't suit his style or try and turn him into something that he wasn't. Once again, it was summer time when I bought this CD, I saw an ad in Billboard for this release, evidentially, Warner Bros. and Tommy LiPuma (the guy who ruined GRP) were really pushing this release; after all, 1990 was at the height of the neo-conservative, back to the past, young guys in suits - who had no new original ideas of their own, let's play the music of our elders instead of pushing the envelope forward movement (i.e., see Wynton Marsalis, et al). Through all the bull-shit, Mark Whitfield was and is a true talent; I'm not sure that his recorded output has lived up to his potential, but The Marksman is truly a significant part of The Soundtrack Of My Life, and I continue to follow his output and career to this day.
Listen to 'The Marksman' and 'Medgar Ever's Blues'

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