Sunday, September 14, 2008


7,000 Jazz CD's, 100 gigabyte's of Jazz, a long abandoned collection of Jazz on vinyl; who do you define perfection? Not favorite but perfection, in terms of the perfect recording? For me, it's Spellbound, the 1989 release by Joe Sample. I've always loved The Crusaders and the individual works that Joe Sample, Wilton Felder and Stix Hooper released, especially when they were still together on an active basis. By 1989, for all practical intents, The Crusaders were history, Sample moved from their longtime label, MCA (now under the GRP banner) to Warner Bros, and the result, Spellbound, was just an amazing piece of work, perhaps his greatest work ever - this coming from someone who played the shit out of his first two solo releases, Rainbow Seeker and Carmel, never expecting it to get any better than that! I still look forward to anything Sample releases, and it's all good - but nothing like Spellbound - I really think that the prescience of Omar Hakim on drums and Marcus Miller on bass is what drove Sample to such perfection!!
Listen to 'Spellbound', 'Somehow Our Love Survives' and 'Bones Jive'

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