Friday, September 19, 2008

Only The Good Die Young part 1

An incredible artist, truly. I first became familiar with Michael Brecker through his association with the group Steps, then of course that led me to the great Brecker Brother recordings; that's pretty much how The Soundtrack Of My Life works, discovery through association. Sadly, Brecker passed away, way too soon, in January of 2007. It was 1990, when he released his 3rd solo recording; the MCA/GRP merger had taken place and GRP assumed responsibility for the Jazz division of MCA; so I was excited to see his Now You See It....(Now You Don't) with it's lime green and blue M.C. Escher cover art. The usual suspects that Michael kept company with at this period of his career are all helping out on this one, especially the late great Don Grolnick and the ever quirky Jim Beard.
Listen to Beard's 'Ode To The Doo Da Day' and Grolnick's 'Dogs In The Wine Shop'

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